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Created by Tyler Khimani while she was in college, Eargazmic Media, is a platform created to highlight up & coming creatives of all lanes. We spotlight their journey and their brands. You can be sure to find some of the hottest talent right here!




Although she has always had love for the arts, her passion for blogging & journalism blossomed in college. After attending a series of concerts in 2013, Tyler Khimani had a vision to create a platform that not only highlights people's journey to success. But to also inspire the next generation to follow their dreams. That vision led to the creation of Eargazmic Media. She is passionate about creating a comfortable interview environment for creatives that produces intimate conversations. If she isn't working in front of the camera, you can find her behind the scenes working diligently to ensure the growth of Eargazmic.


Social Media Manager

While working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, Mackenzie discovered a talent in business strategy, new product development and brand management. Creating new social media and business strategies keeps her motivated and inspired to continue thinking out of the box. Her main passions reside in fashion and music as well as ways to expresses herself. Having personal connections with aspiring artists, she has a passion to help people work towards their dreams.




Aryonia recently published poetry on Thought Catalog and worked on a national mental health strategy at Kaiser Permanente Headquarters in Oakland, CA. In that role, she landed two published pieces promoting Kaiser’s brand. Aryonia is passionate about all things pop culture and innovatively inspiring the next wave of creatives. She encourages young adults to find their voice by embracing their adversity fearlessly. As a creative writer, music, arts and culture lover, and natural dot connector, her background began in promoting higher education. Aryonia holds an Associates’s degree in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles



Growing up Khala's passion for writing was obvious as she wrote poetry and was constantly journaling. While working towards her Bachelor's Degree in journalism Khala was introduced to many different artists and took on the arts & entertainment beat as a feature/event writer and soon after became an editor of The State Hornet at Sacramento State and has been featured in other media publications. With her love for arts, music, culture and more Khala aspires to showcase the others creativity through her own. Khala graduated from California State University Sacramento with a B.A. in journalism with a minor in communications.