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The Eargazmic Production Fund!

We're focused on "giving you the good stuff" here at Eargazmic Media and over the last five years we have done just that! From interviewing some of your favorite artists before they blew up to highlighting small businesses around the Los Angeles area. Each year we have elevated, many of you remember when we use to film our episodes at Monteith Park. Since then we have grown tremendously, last year we moved into a new studio in DTLA and got a brand new set! Seeing the growth of Eargazmic Media over the years has been amazing. But we need your help to continue to grow bigger and better! We are gearing up for a fantastic Season 3 and we are asking the community to help raise money for production costs such as studio fees, equipment fees, and paying our production crew. We will also be using some of the funds towards marketing so that we can reach a bigger audience. Any amount helps us reach our goal!

There will be some really cool incentives available based on how much you have donated, so don't miss out!

Click here to learn more about our campaign!

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