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Eargazmic Events: Our Soulful Saturday at The SoulfulofNoise Music Festival!

This past weekend Eargazmic Media was back outside!

On Saturday, Sept. 18th 2021, SoulfulofNoise Music Festival was in full swing. The black-curated event showcased the best emerging talent in music, art, culture, and business. Boasted a diverse lineup of 60 different independent artists from all over the country.

Established in 2017 by Lynisha and Xavier Henderson, SoulfulofNoise is a platform where independent artists can showcase their forms of art and music while local/small businesses can sell their products and build those meaningful connections with potential customers they might not otherwise get to do online.

With three stages, an art gallery, a recording studio, entrepreneurship & wellness activations, food trucks, and vendors, this festival was able to create not only a safe space where independent artists can come and create, but a place where attendees can explore different forms of black art and black culture.

After catching up with Lynisha Henderson she emphasized that with SoulfulofNoise events they hope to provide “A safe space where everyone can come and vibe out,” said Henderson.

Los Angeles native, Carmen Richardson, spoke about what she loves most about SoulfulofNoise events, “I love the fact that they allow local artists to showcase themselves, and each artist who comes to these events sing and speak straight from the heart,” said Richardson.

Scroll down to check out notable artists and vendors

Cleopatra Moor

Writer, vocalists, and mix media artist Cleopatra Moor captivated the stage with a sound she described as “heavily influenced by neo-soul, hip hop, and jazz music”. Performing at her first SoulfulofNoise event Moor explained how she loves the community SoulfulofNoise has created and the talent-level of each of her fellow artists.

“Being an independent artist to me means creating opportunities from scratch. Being courageous enough to believe in your dreams even in the face [of] adversity or challenges,” said Cleopatra Moor.

Cleopatra will make her next appearance at Moonvibes Music Festival in October.

Erybodyeats Tacos

Representing Gourmet street food, Chef Bryant was serving up street tacos with his very own twist.

Chef Bryant’s vegan jerk taco made on a corn tortilla with Ebe tropical salsa, Ebe jerk sauce and a dash of cilantro as garnish was a hit.

Erybodyeats offers catering, events and more.

The Mic House Studios

One of the unique features about this festival was definitely the indoor recording studio. Open to all artists to come create and collaborate with other artists, The Mic House Studios is a Black-owned recording & multimedia Conglomerate based out of Hollywood. With a recording label, podcast studios, multimedia video production and more! The Mic House Studios can offer vast opportunities to any independent artist looking to work.

Dyna Edyne

Singer songwriter Dyna Edyne brought a unique feel to the stage as she elevated her R&B/Hip hop sound with a twist of her own she calls “TreeWoman style”. As a Soulful event veteran Edyne explained how each of her experiences at SoulfulofNoise Music Festivals have been authentic and beautiful.

Shouting out the band, Edyne mentioned that Soulful “brings out real people that want real music,” which she enjoys most.

“Being an independent artist means creating your own reality, [and] making your own rules,” Dyna Edyne.

Dyna Edyne’s EP ‘Mahogany’ will be released on October 8.

Zevelyn Jean & Proper Tone

Based out of downtown Los Angeles Eric Bernard and JaVonnie TaNae produce and make all of their clothing through their brands Zevelyn Jean & Proper Tone. Designing and creating clothes is their way of storytelling as each piece of clothing has its own personality.

SoulfulofNoise supports and showcases independent artists of all genres through events like the Soulfulofnoise Music Festival and on their website.

Every first Sunday of each month SoulfulofNoise holds its Soulful Sundays open mic featuring a live band, the next open mic will be on October 3rd, 2021.

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