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Women On The Rise

Graphic by Khala Clarke

Looking at the music industry right now there are so many ways you can appreciate hip hop as more artists strive for change through their own lyrics and style. From individual acts like Megan Thee Stallion joining forces with Beyoncé to create summer anthems to JT and Yung Miami forming a powerhouse of music, we see women consistently reaching new heights in the rap game. One thing we know for sure is that women are on the rise.

In honor of women's history month here’s a look at some of the rising female rappers out of Los Angeles, California.

IG: @honeybluu

This 22-year-old from South Central L.A., balances life as an artist as well as her Africana studies at California State University Long Beach. Inspired by her heritage and life, her music exudes power through her unique lyricism and her blend between Hip Hop and R&B. In our interview Honey Blu expressed, “Music is freedom to me. I’m able to express parts of myself through music that may be harder for me to express in the daily aspects of life. It’s creative liberation. When I make music, I feel like I’m using what God gave me as a tool to communicate,” after asking what music meant to her.

Honey Blu plans on finishing college and releasing more music. Her first music project will be out this year.


Crenshaw district born-and-raised Morgan Wray, also known as Wray, says her journey with music officially began in 2018 when she was able to pinpoint her sound. Describing her sound as “authentic and passionate” her flow and rhythmic music creates a sound that gets you moving. Wray doesn’t stop at just music though. Since 2017 she has branded herself as “WraysPromo” as she promotes brands, businesses and more at affordable rates. When asked what music means to her, Wray responded with “Happiness! I call the booth my happy place! I’m locked in as soon as I step in it and just forget about everything and just rap about whatever it is that’s on my mind or been weighing on my heart! Music alone keeps me going, I couldn’t live without it!”

Wray's latest album Wray and Friends is streaming on Apple music, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon music.


From Los Angeles California Tori Gardner also known as TT is a rapper with many talents as she also juggles being a co-owner of one business and the sole owner of two other businesses. Even with all of her other talents, TT stays true to rap. Her sound, described as street and authentic, is vibrant with a kick of what she calls ‘old flava’. TT tells her story through her music as she uses both good and bad experiences in her life to create something not only people can relate to, but something people can also vibe to. In an interview with me TT stated “music means a lot to me. I’ve found myself turning to music at my lowest points. Music brings people closer and I’m all about unity.”

TT’s music can be found on Apple music. Her song “Bitch I Am Her” is currently streaming on Youtube.

For this Women's History month we celebrate women in music as women in rap continue to shake up the industry and pave the way for generations to come.

More women in the city you should also add to your playlist:

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