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Q & A With Taylor Belle : Tap into a new sound with artist Taylor Belle

Up-and-coming artist Taylor Belle from New York has been singing and creating music her entire life.

Creating from a vulnerable place, Belle has developed her sonically dreamy and soulful sound through not only making music simply with the intention to share raw emotions but creating music to move people.

Belle explains how she makes music with the intention to take her audience to new heights. “I like to make music that takes you somewhere and brings you into its own atmosphere for the moment,” Belle said.

Currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. Belle has recently released her single “DNA” which came shortly after track “Learn Me” which she talks more about in an exclusive Q&A with Eargazmic Media.

When did you begin making music? What inspires you?

I've been singing and making music my whole life! I got really into writing over the past five years though. I'm inspired by experiences and everything around me, honestly People, emotions, art and colors. I just take it all in and see how it translates in the studio.

Recently you released a single called ‘Learn Me’ and you talked on instagram about how you were able to get vulnerable, and how vulnerability is very important to you and your process when creating. Can you tell me more about how being vulnerable in your music helps you as well as how you created this single?

Yes. I think the most beautiful moments, words, connections, songs, everything - are created through vulnerability. Not only being open & honest with other people but with yourself too! It's easiest for me personally to write exactly what I'm feeling. Enter into a stream of consciousness and let it flow. It's how I've made all of my best music. With “Learn Me” I was pretty much describing my ideal soulmate relationship & wanting to share a connection with someone who I can embrace that vulnerability with and feel safe in it.

Are you signed with anyone ? If not, what does being an independent artist mean to you? How have you developed?

Nope! Fully independent right now. To me it allows for a lot of freedom and also allows me to learn & be a part of the entire process! I love planning rollouts, directing shoots, and building relationships. It makes every win even more rewarding.

Since COVID hit I know there’s been a lot of time where there weren’t any live performances so now that we're slowly transitioning back into live performances how do you think things have changed ? How do you think COVID changed your artistry? Do you Have any live performances coming up?

COVID definitely moved me into a more introspective space. It slowed me down and taught me a lot about myself as a human and artist. I'm really grateful for it! There's been so much growth so I'm super excited to see that translate on stage. I'm planning some shows for the new year!

What do you like to do outside of music that would also contribute to your artistry?

I love so many things - especially anything artistic. In my free time I like to get out with friends, chill with my cat at home, I like to have a good balance of getting inspired and being in solitude. I also really love to cook, I think cooking is super creative.

Taylor Belle is currently streaming on all platforms and continues to create.

“Anything that fuels a passion in you, chase that. Nothing is out of reach,” Taylor Belle said

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